Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The RGV-Life.com Domain Move Is Complete

I just checked all the settings and I have successfully migrated the domain for RGV Life to Ning. Now, if you type RGV-Life.com, it will take you to the RGV Life community site. This is where I hope people from the Rio Grande Valley will join in and help me discuss issues that affect our region. In order not to leave this old blog out, I still feed posts from here to the community front page. In addition, you can type Blog.RGV-Life.com and be redirected here.

Please, don't hesitate t sign up for the RGV Life community site. Your input is welcome.

The blog.rgv-life.com address is not resolving to this blog, it's going to google. I'm not going to mess with it, it's not that important. Just bookmark this site as rgvlife.blogspot.com and the community site as rgv-life.com until I figure out what else to do.

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