Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just for the session

I've created a new blog dedicated to my experience in Austin, and the period leading up to it, for the 80th Legislative Session. The site is Session 80. The whole purpose behind the blog is to document my experiences and thoughts in the same manner that I documented my experiences as a migrant. I concluded that this new experience is really out of joint with this blog about living in the Rio Grande Valley. I could justify writing about migrants because there are many migrants who live in the RGV. Working in Austin, however, is a whole different animal. Therefore, I created a new blog for the occasion.
My first post goes over what sorts of things I'll write about and what won't be written. I'm not a political hack. I actually want to get things done for the people of the Rio Grande Valley, in general. However, I will have to be satisfied with doing things for the people of District 40. There are some things, however, that affect more than just the people in the district. For example, UTPA falls under Mr. Pena's district. Anything that affects the University indirectly affects the rest of the RGV. So, I'll do whatever I can to help Mr. Pena represent his district to the best of his ability. I sense that there is a good team in his office; that will make all the difference.
I hope you enjoy reading Session 80.

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